Gain the Advantage of Fluency in Mandarin

Have you ever been curious about Chinese?

Do you want to enjoy its characters as more than pretty shapes on a page? Want to know how to order your favorite Chinese dishes – or know what the stars of your favorite Kung-Fu movies are really saying? Perhaps you plan to travel to China soon, whether to explore business opportunities in this booming overseas market or to be amazed in person by the Great Wall in Beijing, the Terracotta Army of Xi'an, or the beautiful gardens of Suzhou. Maybe you want to adopt a Chinese orphan or make friends with a Chinese exchange student or coworker.

Mandarin is the native tongue of more people than any other language on the planet, widely spoken even in China’s neighboring countries. Think of all you could do with a command of this language!

In 2010, I completed my double major in Linguistics and Asian Studies with a concentration in Chinese from UNC Chapel Hill. I’ve been studying Chinese language and culture for over ten years, and have been teaching it, to students ranging in age from eight to fifty, since 2008.

I know how to make it easy for you to get started. Being a native speaker of American English, I am able to explain the many challenges of this language so that you can clearly understand them – you will be able to get closer to speaking like a native, faster. Learning languages is fun for me; I have every confidence that I can help you have fun, too.

With my help, you will be able to:
Speak in Mandarin Chinese,
the most widely used spoken dialect of the Chinese language;
Read Chinese Simplified Characters,
the most widely used printed form in use today;
Remember Chinese pronunciations using Pinyin,
the most widely used Romanized (Westernized) print form in use today.

Classes can be arranged, by appointment, to suit the needs of individuals or groups. Student textbooks appropriate to your desired class must be purchased separately; recommended titles and suppliers will be provided. Private tutoring sessions are also available to parallel your studies or to pursue independent interests in Chinese. Group discounts are available, as are lessons over Skype.

Please email if you are interested in receiving updates about Chinese classes and tutoring services. I am looking forward to meeting you and helping you get started in your study of this wonderful language!

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Huangshan Mountains (detail)

Shi Tao (16421707)

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